Tom Carriage House

The Client wished to transform the original house on the property that had been vacant for years and in considerable disrepair, into a three car garage and entertainment building. Many zoning challenges were overcome - variances approved - and site conditions addressed including major ledge and water runoff.

The existing original house had to be kept intact, lifted three feet for headroom, dry-laid stone foundations replaced with concrete ones and then re-supported from inside with new post & beam systems for clear span floor space.

Roumanis Residence

Two small additions to the rear of this house achieved dramatic changes to the feel and functionality of the living and kitchen areas. Prior to the renovation the only view into the beautiful backyard was the "tiny" window over the sink.

Sprole Residence

HSA was retained by the client to help them through what was supposed to be a design/build project. We redesigned the home creating a flow between the spaces and meeting program needs while also addressing the more than 8' grade change that had so far been ignored. We also acted as Owner's Reps during construction and prevented many unwarranted Change Orders.

Gibb Residence

This Artist's studio and master bedroom suite - that were originally considered as a first floor expansion - became a second floor addition to avoid issues with wetlands on the property while also eliminating existing flat roof areas that had been long term leak problems.

Perry Residence

Complete design and construction management for a new home where the owner required one floor living and looked for a plan to maximize panoramic views from this hill top site.

Covenant Village

Hunter Smith was the Partner in Charge of Design and construction administration of this award winning congregate elderly housing facility plus community building. This facility had 200 plus units and 20,000SF of common room spaces & dining.